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Sublimation of waste through recycled polyester

It is estimated that between 75 and 199 million tons of plastic currently pollute our oceans, with the majority being plastic bottles. Virgin polyester is a 100 % plastic material, made from polyethylene and condensed polymer, synthetic and chemical components. The production of these materials releases a significant amount of plastic waste and micro-particles that end up in the oceans, causing an environmental disaster. Only 1 % of textiles are currently recycled, making it high time for the fashion industry to address its waste in a sustainable and circular manner.

To mitigate this negative environmental impact, LO NEEL exclusively uses recycled polyester that is either upcycled or created from recycled plastic bottles.

Our manufacturing process for recycled polyester:

We exclusively recycle polyester fabrics to create new LO NEEL creations through the upcycling method, as we did with our Enya pants. Our second source of polyester comes directly from recycled plastic bottles. These bottles are harvested at sea and crushed into small flakes before being turned into granules. These granules are then melted to create a thread, which is woven into a fabric and finally gives life to a new LO NEEL piece, such as our beautiful Alice jacket and Aloa pants.

LO NEEL, protecting beings and nature:

For the creators of the brand, it is essential to act now. At our level, we can all have an impact on this environmental pollution. By recycling our materials, LO NEEL contributes to the cleaning of the oceans by eliminating the waste that pollutes them and protecting underwater life. We carefully select workshops that share our ethical and eco-responsible values and possess unique know-how to reduce our impact on biodiversity and the environment. By choosing vegan and ecological materials, we protect all living beings from human cruelty. It is for all these reasons that Loane and Frédérique created LO NEEL.

Discover our exclusive pieces made from recycled polyester: