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The LO NEEL impact score on Clear Fashion: the guarantee of independent information

We are committed to offering you full transparency on how we produce our clothes. Therefore, Lo Neel has partnered with the French start-up Clear Fashion to independently assess the impact of our clothes in order to provide you with clear and trustworthy information during your purchase.

Discover the impact of our Lo Neel clothes thanks to the Clear Fashion score 89/100 displayed on our clothes

lear Fashion is a French start-up launched in 2019 by two women: Rym Trabelsi and Marguerite Dorangeon. Their mission: to inform consumers in order to build the fashion of tomorrow. To do this, Clear Fashion deciphers the practices of brands and assesses the impact of clothing on the environment, humans, health and animals. Having built an independent evaluation methodology, Clear Fashion takes into account more than 150 criteria to establish its score.

Clear Fashion informs consumers through its display on clothing and also through its application where more than 400 brands have now been evaluated.


LO NEEL collection are 100% sustainable in the strict respect of the Being, Animals and the Planet.

In our collections no animal skins or fibres from shearing, combing or secretions are used, LO NEEL is a PETA approved brand.


It means taking the time to create and propose fashion that restores the value of the garment, taking care to respect it:

  • Nature by sourcing organic, innovative and certified vegetal materials.
  • Human by making sure that working conditions are respected and that their know-how is valued.
  • Animals: we are Peta approved 100% Vegan certified.

It also means offering controlled collections, without responding to the abusive calendars of fast fashion, we ensure that our values are respected throughout the production chain.
We control our stocks thanks to pre-ordering which allows us to produce only what we need.
This allows us to create sustainable and qualitative collections.


This certification guarantees that the production and transformation processes are environmentally friendly. The use of heavy metals and aromatic solvents is prohibited during production, thus ensuring respect for nature and also for the people who handle the textiles.
It also ensures that working conditions are respected and improved.
The fibres are 95% organic garanty.


Certifications indicating that the forests are responsibly managed according to 3 certification models: “forest management”, “chain of custody” and “controlled wood”.
Our viscose is FSC 100% Forest certified.


We participate in the local economy and take care to reduce our carbon footprint by favouring short circuits based on our sourcing and the know-how required for our parts.


To perpetuate the know-how and share the richness of the craftwork and its traditions. To promote a craft production is to value human beings and their wealth.


Ensuring that working conditions are respected is of paramount importance. This involves audits to ensure the safety, hygiene and remuneration of our employees.

LO NEEL is committed to promoting employment and the local economy by having a permanent traceability from creation to marketing.  


For our knitwear we work with our Italian collaborators, their know-how guarantees quality products and in France for our CHLOE, CLARA and CLEM pieces.


“Making new out of old.”
Upcycling enables real value creation, as it makes a positive contribution to the environment, people and the economy by going all the way down the production chain.
It can be done in different ways, such as using fibres from used clothing that will be recycled or reusing stocks of fabrics that have fallen asleep in factories to create new collections.

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