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Eco-responsible fashion is a growing movement, and more and more consumers are looking to make ethical and sustainable clothing choices. Here are five key points to consider when adopting an eco-responsible lifestyle :


  • Materials : The materials used in clothing production can have a significant impact on the environment. Eco-friendly materials, such as organic cotton, pineapple, mulberry, roses, and recycled fibers, are sustainable alternatives.
  • The production process : Clothing production is an energy-intensive industry. Eco-responsible brands are concerned with reducing their carbon footprint by choosing sustainable, energy-efficient production methods and decarbonizing their production process as much as possible.
  • Ethics : Eco-responsible brands ensure that their employees are treated in a fair and ethical manner. They are also committed to not using forced labor or child labor.
  • Sustainability : Eco-responsible brands produce quality clothing in limited quantities that last a long time. They also encourage the reuse and recycling of clothing at the end of its life.
  • Transparency : Eco-friendly brands are transparent about their supply chain and production process. They allow consumers to know where their clothes come from and how they were made.


LO NEEL is an example of a brand that puts these principles into practice. With the use of eco-friendly materials such as pineapple pinatex fiber, sustainable production methods, and creative and ethical designs, LO NEEL is a leader in eco-responsible fashion. By embracing eco-responsible principles, consumers can make ethical and sustainable fashion choices while supporting brands that are working to protect the planet and its inhabitants.

LO NEEL has been selected by Paris Good Fashion to be listed on the “sustainable map” of the city of Paris! Their convictions: “to make Paris the capital of responsible fashion”. This distinction allows consumers to discover with confidence eco-responsible, ethical and ecological brands. From now on, you can walk around the capital in search of LO NEEL‘s partner boutiques.

Logo Chanel Social Commitment

On September 21, 2021, LO NEEL received the Fashion 2021 Women Entrepreneurship Award from the Chanel Social Commitment. This subsidiary of CHANEL has been defending women’s rights, empowerment and independence for years. It accompanies and supports many future female entrepreneurs. LO NEEL entered this competition with the support of Forces Femmes, and won the prize in the “Fashion” category. Since then, LO NEEL has been accompanied daily by the CHANEL team.


Since 2022, LO NEEL has been part of the collective “Une Autre Mode Est Possible” (Another Fashion Is Possible), alongside several designers committed to eco-responsible fashion. The UAMEP collective promotes responsible production and consumption by taking into account environmental, social, economic and cultural impacts. Their artistic and low-tech approach encourages an evolution towards a more responsible mindset. LO NEEL has had the opportunity to participate in fashion shows and in the ephemeral boutique “Maison des Autres Modes” organized by the collective.