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Sustainable and ecological brand

Our sustainable and ethical values

Committed to the planet and sustainability, Lo Neel advocates respect as a requirement at every stage. We select the finest natural by using innovative, organic and recycled materials. We are constantly innovating in order to use new materials. We use organic pineapple fiber for attentive leather, organic bananas fiber as organic soybeans fiber and many others. We use all of our know-how to enhance women through our collections.

Vegan and sustainable traceability

Respect for nature and people: we surround ourselves with partners who share our values on ethics, based on the respect of a commitment and on the traceability of our models.

Logo PETA approved vegan

 Vegan labels certified

The Cruelty Free PETA label certifies that companies using this labels do not carry out tests on animals, for their ingredients, formulations or finished products and ethical garments. Brand is vegan and sustainable. The Vegan brand is 100% certified. Products made of vegetals.

It was created by PETA, an association for the ethical treatment of animals.The objective is to have the rights of all animals recognized and protected. Our ethical brand signed the declaration is also agree not to test on animals in the future.
The Cruelty Free label garantie that products and services are non tested on animals. The brand uses products from the vegetals and organic world. The label specifications certify in particular its labeling criteria:

  • Our sustainable and vegan brand in its entirety:
  • animal free testing of finished products
  • absence of animal testing of the ingredients
  • the absence of material of animal origin (example: honey, beeswax)
  • animal free testing on foreign markets

We are 100% committed to animal and environmental causes

FAKE logo

LO NEEL is a member of the F.A.K.E: Fashion for Animal Kingdom & Environment movement. The movement born to change the practices of the fashion industry. We are committed to F.A.K.E. to make fashion evolve towards vegan, ethical and sustainable industry, and to promote the same values of respect for animals, people and the environment.

The movement was born to accompany  new brands such as LO NEEL for its development in ethical, sustainable fashion and the worldwide ethical recognise of  LO NEEL.

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