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LO NEEL invites you to go behind the scenes of the production of its unique pieces. From the design to the realization of the garments, we propose you to meet our collaborators, with a unique know-how in the world.

The workshop

We  offer us a variety of organic fabrics such as cotton, soya fibre or Forest certified viscose and the famous ananas fiber.

Our inspirations come from India, and so do our collaborators! 70 people work to make the LO NEEL collections. They develop the fabrics, dye them, make the patterns and assemble the garments.

Atelier Lo Neel

Traditional know-how & zero waste zero carbone footprint
Embroideries hands made and traditional know-how

We work in collaboration with a qualified workforce, but also with a textile engineer, a textile quality control expert, a merchandiser and in order to offer our customers parts of unique and certified quality. We share with them the same ethical values, which is essential for the values we defend.

All manufacturers and suppliers are within a maximum radius of 50 kilometres around Delhi, where the production plant is located. All fabrics come from India, except for the pineapple fibre. In order to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible, our Indian employees are working on a project to produce this fibre in India.

We have the possibility to supply ourselves directly in India for the rest of the materials thanks to the know-how of the factories around Delhi, which offer us a variety of organic fabrics such as cotton, soya fibre or Forest certified viscose.

Thanks to this ethical network, the path of the materials to create the final LO NEEL piece does not go beyond the Delhi area.

Finally, thanks to this collaboration, our pieces benefit from the unique Indian know-how in terms of embroidery. Indeed, the craftsmen apply a work of stitches, also called “French embrodery” which they are however the only ones to master as well. There are two types of embroidery: an embroidery made by hand with the traditional know-how.

We made yor sustainable and organic clothes

For a result of unique Lo Neel quality and beauty!
If we can act in style, it’s because of them.

Frédérique & Loane


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