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Pineapple fiber revolutionizes the textile industry!

More than a billion animals are killed each year to make leather, making this industry one of the most polluting in the world due to the harmful chemicals used in the manufacturing process. In response to this problem, an “alternative” was created a few years ago: leatherette. While this textile does not use animal products, it is mainly composed of PVC, oil, and plastic, making it just as toxic for the environment.

To combat the negative impact of the leather industry on the environment, Carmen Hojisa, a former leather product expert, created a sustainable and vegan alternative to this material: Pinatex, made from organic pineapple leaf fiber. The idea for this textile was born from the use of this fiber, which dates back to the 16th century for the creation of women’s accessories and the ancestral Filipino know-how.

The manufacturing process of pineapple fiber:

Agricultural cooperatives collect waste pineapple leaves, which would otherwise be burned in the food industry, to reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 12 kg/m2. After harvesting, the natural fibers are extracted from the leaves, washed, and dried naturally in the sun. They are then mixed with corn-based polylactic acid to create a non-woven mesh that forms a base for this textile, giving it a leather-like appearance. Unused leaf remnants are transformed into fertilizer or natural biofuel to optimize the environmental impact. This innovative textile has given life to the iconic LO NEEL piece: the pineapple perfecto.

LO NEEL, a brand committed to eco-responsibility and respect for animals:

The creators, Loane and Frédérique, aim to create clothes by combining their ecological convictions and passion for fashion. Since its creation, LO NEEL has been developing vegan and eco-responsible capsules by decarbonizing the production process and not using any animal fiber. This adventure began with the creation of black and silver pineapple fiber perfectos. Today, this iconic piece has been renewed in new colors and is a bestseller for the brand.

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