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Rose petal fiber, a vegan alternative to traditional silk

Silk is a material of animal origin, created in China almost 2000 years ago, that is produced from the slime of the Bombyx caterpillar, also known as the “silkworm”. During the manufacturing process, the cocoons that will become silk filaments are boiled to kill the “worm”. There are other types of silk, such as spider silk, which is known for its extraordinary resistance. However, it is impossible to produce this material in large quantities because these insects devour each other. Scientists have therefore genetically modified silkworms by integrating the spider gene to produce this unique type of silk. 

To counteract these unnatural and immoral manufacturing methods, an ethical and vegan alternative has been created : ECO VERA certified rose petal fiber

The manufacturing process of this fiber: 

Our partners in India harvest natural rose petal waste, from rose bushes grown without chemical fertilizers, at the end of the flower’s blooming process. Rose fiber is a cellulose fiber that gives the textile its silky, light, soft, and absorbent appearance. The cellulose is extracted from the unused parts of the flower, as well as the petals and inner bark of the stem, and then processed. These materials are spun delicately, as the fiber is very fine, and the spinning technique used is Worsted, a tight spinning wheel that gives this fiber a luxuriously soft look, comparable to silk.

LO NEEL, a mix of romance and protection of beings: 

This noble and innovative fiber is at the center of the creation of the new LO NEEL capsule. The designers chose it for its properties: a soft, silky touch and a lightness comparable to silk. In addition to being a vegan alternative to this material, the rose evokes a romantic and passionate feeling. Born in Paris, the city of love, LO NEEL was carried away by this feeling and created an entire capsule for this fiber. The Erika Tabacco and Emerald dresses have become wardrobe staples and our customers’ favorite choice.

Discover our rose petal capsule:

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