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Organic mulberry fiber, also called Hanji, is a natural textile fiber that is environmentally friendly and beneficial to the human body, 100% biodegradable. A new alternative to animal leather, this innovative material is made from the bark fibers of wild mulberry trees and organic cotton.

Mulberry tree leather is respectful of the environment but also of the human body. Indeed, it has an antibacterial function and a deodorizing effect. Pleasant to wear, this material is light, breathable and has a windproof effect. To the touch, you can feel a soft and firm elasticity.

Regardless of the season, mulberry leather absorbs moisture when outside humidity is high and releases it when outside humidity is low, to maintain the body’s comfort at all times.

Does mulberry tree leather last?

Thanks to its exceptional quality, parts made from this material are highly durable. It is easy to maintain because it is waterproof and ironable.

This material, designed in South Korea, has been certified by the Official Inspection Agencies of South Korea for its qualities and efficiency.

Composition: 50% Hanji + 50% Cotton

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