Upcycling, a solution to clothing waste. 

Clothing waste is the second-largest source of pollution in the world and a worldwide problem. Every year, 100 billion clothes are produced and sold, but only 30% of our wardrobe is worn. Production is expected to increase by 63% by 2030, while more than 12 tons of unsold clothes from fast fashion brands are thrown away and/or not recycled. These brands produce about 30 collections per year and represent the perfect economic model of overconsumption, called “fast fashion.” The working conditions in the factories used by these brands are poor, the buildings are unhealthy and threaten to collapse, and the use of many chemicals during the manufacture of clothing endangers the lives of workers.

It is for these reasons that LO NEEL has chosen to invest in environmentally friendly and ethical production processes, such as upcycling.  

What is upcycling? 

Upcycling is a form of textile recycling, known as “overcycling.” A seemingly useless garment, accessory, or product destined to be discarded or unused is deconstructed without being transformed to give life to another. This system, in addition to being ethical, is artistic because it allows for the creation of original, atypical, and unique pieces. The upcycling method has a positive impact on the environment, including more than 40 tons of CO2 emissions avoided, 50,000 linear meters of fabric saved, and more than 48 million liters of water saved. By choosing this technique, we promote the circular economy and reduce textile waste. LO NEEL‘s added value is that all its upcycled pieces are produced in a small, family-run, eco-responsible workshop in Italy.

LO NEEL and its exclusive upcycling creations:   

LO NEEL gives a second life to fabrics and clothes to create unique pieces thanks to the upcycling technique. We work with Italian cooperatives and fabric salons renowned for their prestigious knitwear and quality. We also collaborate with luxury houses, including the prestigious Givenchy. LO NEEL is an ethical and ecological approach, so our capsules are produced in limited quantities for a reasoned consumption. The Céline sweater is our must-have in the upcycling category, a revisited marinière inspired by the colors of India!

Discover our upcycling capsule:

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