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LO NEEL launches its new capsule for the fall and winter seasons! Along with the discovery of new pieces, new styles, discover new materials and new techniques that we have used.

It is necessary for us to constantly renew ourselves in order to expand our offer. We wish to prove that there are a multitude of alternatives, eco-responsible techniques to renew the fashion industry.

Today, we wanted to talk to you about the technique of upcycling.

What is upcycling?

Also called overcycling, upcycling is a particular recycling technique. The principle is to transform a material waste or a apparently useless product into a new material or product of superior quality or utility.

Upcycling is therefore similar to waste recovery (as is the case for the production of pineapple leather since it is made from the leaves of the pineapple tree). It is not, however, waste recovery since the recovered fabrics or objects have not been thrown away and are not considered as waste.

The principle is to buy fabrics that have been lying asleep for a long time, that are cluttering up the houses of haute couture or large scale industries in order to exhaust stocks, small or large.

The materials used are saved since they are destined to be abandoned. As a result, they are new, high quality textile materials!

The positive impact of upcycling with key figures :

More than 40 tons of CO2 emissions avoided
50,000 linear meters of tissue saved
More than 48 million liters of water saved
It is important to be able to justify where the products, materials and fabrics we use to produce our parts come from. By choosing the upcycling technique, we promote the circular economy and reduce textile waste.

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