Court métrage 1 Matilda Kalki Milla Flore


Our first short film was shot in March 2019 in Montmorency, in an old house that was under construction at the time.

In order to present our pieces to the public for the first time, it seemed natural to us to create a film that would not only promote LO NEEL pieces, but also communicate the spirit and values of the brand. The short film was not only for advertising purposes, but the intention was also artistic. Indeed, to promote LO NEEL pieces is to promote a lifestyle, values and commitment without forgetting to evoke our various inspirations. So collaborating with artists was essential to us, in order to produce an atypical, artistic and poetic short film.

If we managed to achieve such a result from our first group project, it is thanks to the individual talents of a young and highly motivated team!

 Three talented women were in charge of the artistic direction : Loane, Frédérique and Isabelle Nicolas. The artistic direction is at the origin of the elaboration and imagination of the project. Together, they imagined every scene, plan, layout and action of the models. They were assisted by Camille Roux.

The scenography of our first Short Movie

The scenography was imagined and set up by Flore Billy, a student in an art school. She was assisted by Kalki Rielland, another key member of the LO NEEL team. The scenographer’s job is to meet the expectations of the artistic direction. Moreover Flore has been able to retranscribe LO NEEL’s Indian inspiration by collecting and arranging the accessories and decoration pieces on the different filming scenes.

Court métrage 1 Matilda Kalki Milla Flore
Court métrage 1 décors

All these ideas have been materialized thanks to our team of audiovisual and logistics technicians!

The framing was carried out by Clothilde Leclercq, the head of lighting was Aurèle Mazi. Finally our make-up artists Inès Stepien and Charline Collin who did a great job. It’s thanks to their talent that the images are of such quality.

Finally, we had the chance to shoot 4 beautiful models: Matilda Marty, Flore, Kalki and Milla Rielland, who embodied the LO NEEL spirit by beautifully dressing our pieces.

This work was done in a bucolic atmosphere, to which we added some rock’n’roll touches. If LO NEEL proposes a very bohemian/chic style through its first collection, this one includes some pieces with a more rock’n’roll style.

Through this first short film, we wanted to make you discover LO NEEL’s enchanting, multicultural and vegan universe. From Paris to New Delhi, we drew different sources of inspiration. Thus, our first collection represents a more ethical and 100% vegan fashion.

We are very proud to present you our short film. We put all our heart into it and hope you will like it!


Photographies credits : Mathilde Filipozzi et Killian Bouyssonnade

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