Loane et frédérique défilé 2019

The launch

On June 12, 2019, the LO NEEL launch party was held at l’Impasse. For the first time, the public was able to discover the brand but also the innovative, ethical, eco-responsible and 100% vegan materials used to create our pieces.

It was a discovery for everyone since our materials (organic cotton, pineapple leather, banana fiber, soy fiber, viscose certified forest) were mostly unusual and therefore unknown in June 2019, and are still very few today.

This evening was an opportunity for the public to meet the designers, to give their first impression of the collection and to exchange on their background as well as on the process of creation of LO NEEL.

This launch party’s atmosphere was very bohemian chic. This thanks to the scenography developed by the young LO NEEL team: faded flowers, vintage carpets, rock scene.

Matilda défilé lancement 2019
Kalki défilé avina 2019

The reception

For the launch, we oranized a reception. In order to be consistent with the values and commitment that we promote, everything was thought to be in the theme of eco-responsibility and veganism. Indeed vegan menus and cocktails in the colours of LO NEEL (pineapple, spices to recall the Indian inspiration) were made for the occasion. To accompany the cocktail, three young artists created a DJ set : Kapka, Nassim Joudar and Raphael Boisvers.

The 150 guests at our launch party were journalists, friends of the designers, their families and fashion influencers. It was an opportunity for them to preview LO NEEL’s first collection, piece by piece.

Guests were also able to view an exhibition of photographs from the collection’s lookbook. They were accompanied by an explanation of each innovative material, often unknown to the general public.

Loane et frédérique défilé 2019

The show

The show, the most awaited moment of the evening, took place after the cocktail party. Models Matilda Marty, Kalki and Milla Rielland, Flore Billy and Maréva Janiello, of all sizes, paraded barefoot. The designers’intention was to show that women don’t need embellishments, to disguise themselves in order to meet the usual criteria required to walk on a podium. Walking barefoot is a way of claiming a connection with the ground, the earth, nature and advocating natural beauty.

Following the show, the evening ended with a rock concert, performed by the band NASTENKA.

Raphael Soirée de lancement 2019

It was a great moment organized by a young volunteer team. We want to thank each one of them. Flore, the chief decorator. Kalki, the event assistant. Loane Cognard and Frédérique Muller the designers. With the participation of Quentin Marcou, Nassim, Raphael, Justine Laillé, Charline Collin, Gaeyon Kim, Celia Peterson, Lia Mazetier …
Thank you all for this great moment, it’s a beautiful memory.

Photo Credits : Catherine Bouton and Taeho Kim

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