Our brand new collection is the result of a collaboration with Marie Plucknett, who has been part of our team since last September and shares our eco-responsible and animal protection values.

An artistic fusion took place to give birth to a collection from which two artistic touches emanate: the LO NEEL spirit embellished with Plucknett fashion style.

For the first shoot of this collection, we chose a special location with a strong sentimental significance. It was shot in Marie’s grandmother’s mansion in the heart of the Auvergne wilderness.

This is her first collaboration with a designer brand, so we wanted to go back to the origins, to the heart of our first inspirations, our first aesthetic and artistic shocks.

Together, Marie, Frédérique and Loane have imagined brand new LO NEEL pieces, using materials destined to be thrown away. They were saved from the fire, from the rubbish dump, from the abyss. That’s why they have designed this entire new collection through the prism of upcycling.

Reuse, rework, reinvent.

To bring fabrics back to life, to give them a second life with grace.

This is rebirth.

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