A sustainable and vegan approach

Committed to the planet,sustainable, Lo Neel is a creative brand with a vegan name, respect at every stage as a requirement. We select the most beautiful natural, innovative, organic or recycled materials. We are constantly innovating to bring new materials (pineapple fibre for leather, aloe vera, rose petals, eucalyptus and many others) and put all our know-how to enhance the woman with our collections.

Respect: we share with our partners our values on ethics on the honestly our commitments and our items tracabilities.


The Cruelty Free PETA label certifies that companies using this label do not test animals for their ingredients, formulations or finished products.

It was created by PETA, an association for the ethical treatment of animals, with the objective of ensuring that the rights of all animals are recognized and protected. The companies that have signed the PETA declaration also undertake not to carry out animal tests in the future.

The Cruelty Free label is for companies and cosmetic products. The specifications of the PETA Cruelty Free label certify in particular its labelling criteria:

  • the brand in its entirety
  • the absence of animal testing of finished products
  • the absence of animal testing of ingredients
  • the absence of material of animal origin (e.g. honey, beeswax)
  • the absence of animal testing in foreign markets

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